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Hair Testing: Who To Trust?

Hair Testing is becoming a more common and sought-after method of finding out whether a person has taken a certain drug, or you having to prove that you haven’t taken the drug(s). Why? Because a “urine” test only detects what’s in the system at the time of testing, whereas hair testing can detect historical consumption.

This is becoming a standard request in a custody dispute and, in the heat of the battle with your former partner, it is easy for someone to make an accusation with no basis whatsoever. Why? Because comments like that hurt and cast doubt over the other’s ability to parent and that is an effortless way to score points.

There are several companies offering hair testing solutions, so who can you trust?

We have been contacted by several solicitors asking for advice on a particular test and we have been shocked after discovering some of the methods used.

On one occasion, a company was using a home testing kit designed for self-confirmation, passing it off as a reliable commercial test in the process. Sure, it’s cheap, but we made an honest evaluation of the method and the Court quickly rejected the test and ordered the party to undergo another one from a reputable company. This placed extra costs on the person involved and wasted a considerable deal of time and money.

Another thing to consider is the “cut off” limits by the lab. Some companies use a lab with a much higher cut off limit. This will always raise questions as to what the person hiding. Are they still using even at low levels? For example, most of the companies that do the testing send theirs to a lab in the USA where the cut off levels for Methamphetamine is set at 500pg/mg (0.5ng/mg). We send our samples to the UK where the cut off limit is 200pg/mg (0.2ng/mg). The Courts know that, when a test comes from our lab, there is no doubt as to use of any kind and that gives credibility to your results.

Finally, we are potentially the only company in New Zealand that tests for individual drugs at a reasonable price.

Most other companies do a 5-panel test which tests Opiates, Cannabis, Cocaine, Methamphetamine and Amphetamines. However, in most cases, the Courts aren’t interested in drugs like Cannabis and, if you have consumed cannabis within the time-frames, it could lead to embarrassment and or extra scrutiny that otherwise wasn’t required.

With us, if all that is required is a test for Methamphetamine, then that’s all we test for. If you are needing the other drugs tested too? Then that’s fine, we can administer those tests also. Furthermore, we can test for drugs that others cannot. We can do hair tests for Alcohol, Ketamine, GHB (and other “date rape” drugs), and so forth. you name it, we’ll have it tested.

So, before making a decision on who to choose to have your sample analysed, give us a call at The DTC and we’ll walk you through the process in a simple and cost-effective way.

The DTC Supporting Youth

The DTC Supporting Youth

The Drug Testing Company was proud to support the Jonesy’s Youth Foundation Golf Day to help support our young people get a kick start in life through Sports Participation.

The DTC entered a team in the event as well as offer our services as prizes and raffles. We also donated through the evening auctions where several thousand dollars were raised to help our youth that would otherwise be prevented from participating in sport. Mainly this is due to financial pressures and now allows them to get out there and enjoy what sport has to offer.

The DTC Supporting Youth

From Left: John Dustow, Jaden AKA J-Dogg (previous owner of the shirt) and John Wyatt

The DTC Manager John Dustow (JD) and Group CEO John Wyatt, both High-Performance athletes in their own right, represented the company at the event.

JD said “It was a fantastic day where it was a privilege to get in behind a worthwhile organisation”. “It was truly humbling to see some of the youth the foundation had supported in the past and it made me realise that finances shouldn’t be a barrier for kids getting out there and enjoying life through sport.”

John Wyatt said “We won an auction for a shirt signed by Lisa Carrington, Sophie Pascoe, Eliza McCartney and Sarah Walker. We thought what a cool prize, then to find out that the shirt was personally donated by a young lad because he wanted to support the foundation in any way he could, was just fantastic and very humbling.”

How did the golf go? Well, the less said the better, but just to see the smile on the kids that day made it all worthwhile.

Find out more about Jonsey’s Youth Foundation here.


Workplace Drug Testing NZ

workplace drug testing nz

The New Zealand workplace is increasingly under threat from a significant level of people actively participating in drug taking activities outside the workplace.

With these increasing levels it creates a potentially higher level of risk in the day to day activities in the workplace. This risk can be directly to the person themselves and to the people who work around them.

Every person has some level of responsibility in the workplace, with some people having to make regular key decisions for the business, while others are daily using equipment and machinery to complete their work.

Both these scenarios are equally important and have risk factors for any company. Add in the potential performance reducing and side effects that drugs have on people and the workplace risk just rises significantly.

Workplace Drug Testing NZ 
It is now becoming even more of a necessity for NZ businesses to be drug testing. Having a drug and alcohol policy backed with regular drug testing, can significantly reduce the percentage of workplace risk. This means less onsite risk to staff, better business productivity and ultimately better business.

As in many areas of  business, it is best to gain the expertise of specialists who can provide a professional service in this important area.

With consultants in Auckland, The Drug Testing Company, also known as The DTC, has professional and qualified staff that can help in maintaining a safer drug free workplace.

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