Hair Follicle Testing

Testing for Drugs using The DTC Hair Follicle Testing has never been easier.

All our samples are sent to Cansford Laboratories in the UK for fast and very accurate results.

Unlike Urine Testing, where we test for drugs in individual’s system at the time, depending on the length of hair, we can test from 2 weeks to 12 months on all range of drugs.

Customers use our services for:

Family Court Disputes

Child Custody Issues

Addiction Rehabilitation

Potential Contamination Of Children

We also specialise in testing children for whatever reason. Our testers, who are ‘Child Friendly’, ensure they are not traumatised through the experience.

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Unlike some other companies who test a range of drugs regardless of your wishes, we only test for the drug(s) that you would like tested. Most of our customers limit their testing to Methamphetamine. This means you are not exposed or embarrassed by having other drugs tested and potentially retuning a positive result when they are not needed.

Drug Testing NZ Dug types

We also understand that such testing can make people nervous and anxious. That is why our customers prefer that we go to their location where the customer feels the most comfortable.

Once the sample is taken, whilst maintaining the chain of custody, we ship it off to the laboratory via Express Courier and, once there, we receive the results within 48 hours. That means, typically, we will have the results emailed to you within approximately 5-7 working days.

Some of our customers include:
Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki
Multiple Family Law Firms


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Drug Testing

Maintain a safer drug free work environment.


Community Education

Get onsite education for staff and management.


Policy Design

Implement A Drug And Alcohol Policy.