Meth P is the number one addiction problem in NZ.

Meth P was recently confirmed as overtaking alcohol as the number one NZ addiction problem.

More and more people in NZ are turning to Meth P (Methamphetamine or ”P” ) as their drug of choice. This means there is a higher demand for the product which in turn requires more people manufacturing.

P can be easily manufactured using simple house hold products. More and more people are trying their hand at “cooking” to either make a quick buck or to support their own habit.

At a cost of around $1000 per gram, it’s easy to see why people have taken to cooking themselves. A single “cook” can take a couple of hours and can produce 50-200g of Pure Methamphetamine. These numbers are very attractive to addicts or sellers.

Even during these comparatively short “cook” times, toxic and dangerous gases are being released into the air. These toxins then leach into the walls, ceilings, carpets and furniture rendering most items unsafe and needing replacing.

As property managers, Land Lords or prospective purchasers, it is now doubly important to ensure the house you are managing or looking to buy is free from dangerous chemicals that contaminate the house.

Looks can be deceiving – There have been many examples of elderly occupants of houses allowing younger relatives to stay with them. These relatives – be it Sons/Daughters or older grandchildren, take advantage of the situation. They use/cook P in the garage/house without the knowledge of the Owner. The owners are distraught to find their valuable asset is destroyed by these people that need a quick fix and without any inkling of what they were doing.

That’s why, The DTC says “no house is safe” and a quick test with instant results can put your mind at ease. Insurance companies are now requiring Landlords and Property Managers to take practical steps to ensure tenants are not contaminating the house. Or if they have, the Landlords pick it up at the earliest opportunity to minimise the contamination. We believe that regular 6 monthly testing is sufficient to ensure your asset remains Meth P Free.

Read more about Meth Labs here or Meth Testing here.

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