Meth P Testing NZ

Meth P Labs Background Facts

Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories or Clan Meth Labs are a growing problem in New Zealand.

Meth P Testing NZ – Research indicates that only about 10% of Clan Meth Labs are found by the Police. This means that a majority may be left undetected for years until health issues arise that cause occupants to have their properties tested.

Clan Labs can be used to manufacture different types of illegal drugs such as heroin, cannabis oil, cocaine and ecstasy.

The predominant problem in New Zealand is Clan Meth Labs. Clan Meth Labs are often portable and consist of apparatus and chemicals used to make the drug.

They can be located anywhere including private homes, motels, vehicles and commercial properties.

There are several different Methamphetamine synthesis routes which can be used to manufacture the drug. The steps used and the by-products generated can vary.

Methamphetamine hydrochloride (a yellow or white crystalline powder) is the most commonly manufactured drug in Clan Meth Labs in NZ.

During the illegal manufacture of Methamphetamine a large amount of vapours of toxic chemicals escape into the surrounding environment. The amount of contamination can vary depending on a number of factors including the amount processed, batches made and the ventilation systems used.

Because of the different products and by-products which can be present and the cost of performing a variety of tests, The Drug Testing Company test for Methamphetamine concentrations only.

Methamphetamine contamination may be left on surfaces and in absorbent materials (carpets, furniture, and insulation) sinks, drains and ventilations systems.

Meth Clan Labs contaminants pose health hazards to people and animals exposed to them. The New Zealand Police grade Meth Clan Labs from A to D. “A” being active and manufacturing the drug or precursors to the less threat at “D” which indicates just chemicals and equipment being present.

Research has also indicated that Meth addicts who smoke the drug inside dwellings can leave a house contaminated to levels of Methamphetamine just as high as a Meth Clan Lab.

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