Meth Testing / P Lab Testing

Meth Testing / P Lab Testing For Residential and Commercial Property

The Drug Testing Company (The DTC) give property owners piece of mind. Providing a prompt, professional and cost efficient Meth Testing / P Lab Testing service.

The DTC service is conducted by experienced field technicians to ensure you get the results that you can rely and act on. 

Meth Testing / P Lab Testing Services For:

House Purchasers

Wanting a quick Yes Or No before purchasing a property?

Real Estate Agents

Wanting a more professional comprehensive report that can form part of your property pack to show prospective buyers?

Landlords/Property Managers

Wanting a professional report for the tenant or owner.

Home Owner

Wanting a more professional comprehensive report that can form part of your property pack to show prospective buyers?

Contact us to book a Meth Test or for a confidential chat over your requirements.

Three kinds Of Testing

1 Screening Testing

This is where our expert technicians come and test 6 areas of your property and give you an instant result of whether there is methamphetamine over and above the levels described in The New Zealand Standards for Methamphetamine Testing of 1.5µg/100cm2. If all the swabs show a negative result, the property is 99.38% likely to be completely safe to live in. Our screen tests are calibrated to 0.5µg/100cm2 so you will have peace of mind knowing that, if it passes our tests, the house is completely safe. Our experience is such that 90% of properties will pass this test. If any area returns a positive reading, we recommend secondary testing.

2. Secondary Testing

This is where every room in the house will be swabbed and these swabs will be sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis. Results normally take 2-3 days to return. The areas that show a reading of over 1.5µg/100cm2 will need decontamination. In areas that show a low reading, cleaning can be can be done yourself (we can advise how). However, in higher readings, you will need to engage a decontamination company to clean the house. We can make referrals for you if required.

3. Post Remediation Testing

This is where the house has been decontaminated and testing needs to be done to make sure all areas have been re-mediated to below 1.5µg/100cm2. We complete a swab test for every room that had previously showed to be over the limit. If any of these rooms detect Methamphetamine over 1.5µg/100cm2, further cleaning will be required and the process repeats until all rooms test below 1.5µg/100cm2.

Our Service

The DTC specialise in scene examination, screening for possible Methamphetamine contamination and lab testing where necessary.

The provision and interpretation of testing results are reported in an easy to read format, followed by post remedial testing where necessary.

Meth Lab / P Testing – What’s Involved

Our independent, comprehensive testing process ensures instant, impartial and discreet results.

The DTC's experienced technicians test areas that are required to be tested under NZS 8510/2017 and provide independent sample results of those areas.

Should levels in any of these areas be found to test positive on the screening test then a more intensive swabbing process takes place to determine levels of contamination across the property.

Samples are sent away for independent IANZ laboratory confirmatory testing.

Prompt Service

We endeavour to provide you with a same day service and this is achieved most of the time. However If the property is tenanted, the occupants can insist on a 48 notice period. This is out of our control. Regardless, once testing has been completed, the results will be advised to you on the same day with the report sent to you within 48 hours in most cases.

Pricing and Payment

Please call for a quote on 0800 838 228 and for personal service and advice.

Remedial Work and Post Decontamination Testing

The DTC can also offer assistance in referring you to specialist decontamination providers who post works will provide a declaration as to the work done and a guarantee.

To give you ultimate piece of mind we recommend that we conduct post remedial testing to ensure that your property then meets the requirements of NZS 8510/2017.

Guidelines for Site Remediation

The remediation (decontamination and cleaning) of sites contaminated by clandestine drug manufacture is guided by the New Zealand Standard 8510/2017 "Testing and Decontamination of Methamphetamine-contaminated properties".

The detection limit for Methamphetamine Laboratory testing is 0.02ug/sample.

Prevention Information

Industry experts recommend landlords should take a proactive approach to managing the risks of meth, including regular testing and inspections, installation of a meth minder alarm system, and getting appropriate insurance cover.

What to look out for:

It's not easy to detect a house that has a Meth P problem and professionals with years of experience can have difficulty making an accurate determination.

The only real way to detect is to test and by doing so gauge the size of the problem if one does exist.

During a property inspection be on the lookout for signs of smoking in/outside the property, staining of concrete/drains and the presence of out of the ordinary wiring/fans.

Drug Testing NZ Dug types

Background Facts

Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories or Clan Meth Labs are a growing problem in New Zealand. Read More Here


Auckland Property Investor

I write this testimonial in support of “The Drug Testing Company”

I am a full time property investor who purchases property on a regular basis. In recent times we have noticed a dramatic increase in the prevalence of meth in properties we which to purchase. For this reason we have made it standard procedure to test all properties for contamination prior to purchasing.

For this purpose, The Drug Testing Company is my “go to company”. With property purchases, time is of the essence, and the service I receive from The Drug Testing Company ensures that I can conduct my research promptly. The Drug Testing Company is extremely prompt and efficient regards their customer service, and the thoroughness of their investigations certainly puts me at ease. I believe in the results with certainty. The Drug Testing Company are true professionals and are valued members of my team.

I can wholeheartedly vouch for The Drug Testing Company’s service, and will continue to support them going forward.

Real Estate Agent, Hamilton

We recently had a house tested by a testing agent which returned a positive high reading for Meth which then meant major decontamination costs would be incurred. But we weren’t satisfied with the result.

Once we had The DTC’s expert technician in to effect a re-test using the correct method, the level of concentration was advised to us as being below the cut off level (Ministry of Health guidelines)!  The positive emotional and financial impact was enormous.

Get in touch with us and let's keep you safe!


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