P Testing – Don’t Be Misled into Paying Thousands!

Get P Testing right the first time!

We are regularly getting calls from disgruntled customers from some of our competitors. Saying they have lost the sale of their house or being “coerced” into paying thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Simply because they have chosen to have a composite Meth Test done on their house.

There are 2 kinds of testing methods when it comes to the screening process.

First Method
We at The DTC recommend the instant screening method where we take four individual samples from four separate areas of the property. We transfer the solution into a cassette similar to a pregnancy test. We can tell you instantly whether there is Methamphetamine in the property above the Ministry of Health guidelines of 0.5µg/100cm2. Anything under this is a pass and our experience is 95% of our testing results in a pass.

Second Method
A lot of our competitors use the “composite” method where 1 swab is used to test multiple locations in the property. This swab is sent to the laboratory where the result will tell you whether there is any Methamphetamine in the property. The flaw in this method is, there is no way in telling you where the readings have come from and what the readings are per 100cm2 per area.  This means customers have been told that there is a reading of 1.6µg in the property and are told that this is at a dangerous level. However, the reality is, if the tester swabbed 10 locations around the house, there could have been small and safe amounts of methamphetamine in each room but it has accumulated to 1.6. They then encourage you to have extensive lab testing costing around $2000 to give you accurate individual readings which has regularly found to be unnecessary.

We at The DTC cut out the rubbish and will only recommend the secondary testing if our individual swabs (which are confined to the MoH guidelines of 100cm/2 per swab), show levels above 0.5µg. This could save you some serious money.

The Drug Testing Company facilitates the first testing method which has shown to have an accuracy rate of 99.38% per swab. Because our testing uses 4 separate swabs this would be higher.

For vendors to consider: – If you use the composite method and the results return a small level of methamphetamine, even if it is at a safe level, you are obliged to disclose the results to any prospective purchaser. Most people only see that the house contains Meth and run because of inaccurate testing results. With The DTC method used, you get a pass or fail result and as long as the readings are below 0.5µg/100cm2, you will get a certificate showing that it’s a pass. This may avoid lengthy waits for lab results and or purchasers walking away from the sale.

For more info contact The Drug Testing Company on 0800 838 228

More information on Meth P Testing hereMeth Lab P Testing For Residential and Commercial Property  |  Meth P Testing NZ  |  Meth P was recently confirmed as overtaking alcohol as the number one NZ addiction problem.


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