Supporting The Community

Touch New Zealand

Touch New Zealand

We are proud to be sponsors of Touch New Zealand. One of the highlights of our partnership is that, through the sponsorship programme, referees from all around the country are able to participate at a reduced cost – this is a huge benefit to the referee group and has resulted in an increase in participation numbers.  This means a larger referee pool which is of a direct benefit to the game and brings with it a wealth of professionalism, quality, continuity and sportsmanship.


One of The Drug Testing Company’s core values is supporting the communities that we live and work in, and Touch is at the heart of many communities throughout New Zealand.

Jonesy's Youth Foundation

Jonesy's Youth Foundation

We are proud to be sponsors of Jonesy's Youth Foundation. The Foundation is using rugby as a vehicle to build a strong confident youth culture in New Zealand.

Jonesy's Youth Foundation emphasis is on supporting children who have lost a parent / guardian and developing their life skills,building character and enriching their lives through attitude, confidence and inspiration and by doing this we will raise a new generation of young rugby players.


Drug Testing

Maintain a safer drug free work environment.


Hair Testing

Hair Follicle Testing has never been easier.


Community Education

Get onsite education for staff and management.


Policy Design

Implement A Drug And Alcohol Policy.