Welcome to 2016

Challenges ahead!

An exciting new year is ahead for business. With a new year though, comes new challenges.

For business, the growing issue of drugs and alcohol and its effects on the workplace is certainly a serious topic.

Here at The DTC we aim to provide regular information on this important topic. This includes important issues in and and around drug testing.

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Hair Testing: Who To Trust?

Hair Testing is becoming a more common and sought-after method of finding out whether a person has taken a certain drug, or you having to prove that you haven’t taken the drug(s). Why? Because a “urine” test only detects what’s in the system at the time of testing, whereas hair ...
Test For THC Cannabis

Employers’ Reluctance To Test For THC (Cannabis)

The DTC fully understand employers who are reluctant to do comprehensive drug screening tests on the basis that they are unsure as to how many of their staff would be affected and thus potentially lose if they fail the test. The DTC want to put you at ease and work ...
The DTC Supporting Youth

The DTC Supporting Youth

The Drug Testing Company was proud to support the Jonesy’s Youth Foundation Golf Day to help support our young people get a kick start in life through Sports Participation. The DTC entered a team in the event as well as offer our services as prizes and raffles. We also donated ...