Workplace Drug Testing NZ

The New Zealand workplace is increasingly under threat from a significant level of people actively participating in drug taking activities outside the workplace.

With these increasing levels it creates a potentially higher level of risk in the day to day activities in the workplace. This risk can be directly to the person themselves and to the people who work around them.

Every person has some level of responsibility in the workplace, with some people having to make regular key decisions for the business, while others are daily using equipment and machinery to complete their work.

Both these scenarios are equally important and have risk factors for any company. Add in the potential performance reducing and side effects that drugs have on people and the workplace risk just rises significantly.

Workplace Drug Testing NZ 
It is now becoming even more of a necessity for NZ businesses to be drug testing. Having a drug and alcohol policy backed with regular drug testing, can significantly reduce the percentage of workplace risk. This means less onsite risk to staff, better business productivity and ultimately better business.

As in many areas of  business, it is best to gain the expertise of specialists who can provide a professional service in this important area.

With consultants in Auckland, The Drug Testing Company, also known as The DTC, has professional and qualified staff that can help in maintaining a safer drug free workplace.

See more information on Drug Screening Here and Implementing A Drug And Alcohol Policy Here


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